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Our Story
Let's clear something up first.  Yes,
we are both Terry.  We have the
same middle initial also.  What are
the odds of that happening?  We
have several nicknames.  Some
people call us She Terry and He
Terry, or Terry 1 and Terry 2, but
most call us Terry Boy and Terry
Terry Girl is originally from New
Jersey, Terry Boy is a native
Californian.  You get the best from
East and West.  We met 19 years
ago on a cruise.  Love at first
sight?  Not exactly, but close
enough.  It's been a fantastic
voyage ever since!!  Now, our
children are grown and seeking
their own adventures so we thought
we would also.  Terry Boy was a DJ
back in the 70's but gave it up to
spend more time with his family.  
Terry Girl just likes to dance, make
people happy and spend time with
her man.  So, the obvious path was
to DJ.  Although we have full-time
jobs, our DJ business gives us the
opportunity to break free from the
work-a-day world.
Tailspin Party Productions
Terry & Terry
It is so much fun helping people learn dances from yesterday and today; to watch Daddy and daughter dance on her wedding day; to witness
the tender kisses shared between bride and groom; to see the nostalgia on people's faces as we play a favorite old song;  to smile at the bright
eyes of children amazed with our bright, bouncing lights.  We love to see people having fun and knowing that
we brought it to them.  Our clients
love us. (References are available upon request.)  Give us the opportunity to put the "fun" in
your function.